No.Ordinance NameAdoptedStatus
1.Establishing Payroll Deducts01/05/53In Force
2.Tax on Inhabited Trailers10/4/54Expired
3.Dumping, Junk, Abandoned Cars10/3/55In Force
4.Realty & Document Trans. Tax (Superceded by Ord #31)8/1/66Amended by (#16); See Ord. #31.
5.Wage, Profits, Commission Tax (Amend #64)4/3/67Amended by (#64)
6.Establish Planning Commission (Amend #50)4/1/68Amended by (#50)
7.Speed Limit On Certain Roads10/4/71

In Force

8.Subdivision and Land Dev. Current Ord #79)12/8/69Amended by:
(#12, 27, 46)
9.Street or Road Cuts1/1/71In Force


Building Permit Ord. & Fees (Amend 19/49)4/7/75

Amended by:
(#14, 19, 49)


Junk Yard

4/7/75In Force
12.Amendment to Ordinance No. 8 (Current Ord #79)6/2/75

Amended by:
(#27, 35)

13.Collect. Roads, Sidewalks, Cuts, Curbs, Road Occupancy Permit5/7/77See Comp Plan
14.Amendment to Ordinance No. 109/22/77Dissolved by (#19)
15.Flood Plain Permits & Fees8/4/80In Force
16.Amendment to Ordinance No. 46/22/81See Ord. #31
17.Adult Entertainment Comm. Ent.12/6/82See Ord. #30
18.Controlled Substances and Para.12/6/82In Force
19.Amendment to Ord. #10, Diss. #1412/27/82In Force
20.Mobile Homes and Parks6/6/83Amended by (#36)
21.Per Capita Tax11/21/83Amended by (#54)
22.Create Office of Township Mgr.1/3/84Repealed by (#53)
23.Supervisors Salary12/30/85Amended by (#48)

Landfill and Extractive Op.

9/8/86In Force

Refuse Collection

9/8/86In Force
26.Cable TV5/4/87In Force
27.Amendment to Ordinance No. 8 (S/D Current Ord 79)7/13/87

Amended by:
(#30, 35)

28.Dog/Cat/Animal Control7/13/877/13/87
29.Tenant Reporting11/2/87

In Force


Amended by:
(#32, 38, 45, 51, 67)

31.Realty Transfer Tax3/7/88Supercedes (#4, 16)
32.Amendment to Ordinance No. 30 (Zone Current #80)7/11/88Amended by (#38)

In Force

34.Amendment to Ordinance No. 28 (Animal Control)3/8/89

In Force

35.Amendment to Ordinance No. 27 (S/D Current #79)10/5/92

Amended by (#42)

36.Amendment to Ordinance No. 20 (Mobile  Home/Parks)11/2/92Amended by (#69)
37.Storm Water Management11/2/92In Force
38.Amendment to Ordinance No. 30(Zone - #80)6/7/93In Force
39.Recognizing Monaghan Twp. Volunteer Fire Company as The Township Fire Company8/2/93In Force
40.Recognizing Emergency Mgmt.10/4/93In Force
41.Regulating Outdoor Burning3/7/94In Force
42.Correcting Errors in Ord. #35 (S/D Ord #79)10/3/94In Force

Joining PLGIT

10/3/94In Force
44.Providing Police Services by Carroll Township2/6/95Expired
45.Amendment to Ordinance No. 30 (Zone #80)10/14/95

Amended by:
(#51, 67)

46.Amendment to Ordinance No. 8(S/D Ord #79)10/14/95

Amended by (#68)


In Force


Amendment to Ordinance No. 23(Sup Salary)


In Force


Amendment to Ordinance No. 10 (BP Fees)


In Force


Amendment to Ordinance No. 6(Estab Plan. Com)


In Force

51.Amendment to Ordinance No. 45(Zone - #80)9/9/96Amended by (#67)
52.Providing Police Service by Carroll Twp. (Create Mgr)1/6/97In Force
53.Repeals Ordinance No. 22 (Per Capita Tax)1/27/97In Force
54.Amendment to Ordinance No. 212/10/97In Force
55.Intergovernmental Cooperation for Joint Bidding for Road Projects7/28/97In Force


Intergovernmental Cooperation for Police Service by Carroll Twp.


In Force
57.Designates WSALS, Inc. as Primary Provider of Emergency Medical Services1/11/99In Force

Requires Street Numbering of Buildings within the Township.


Amended by (#63)

59.Amendment to Ordinance No. 47 (Traffic)2/8/99In Force
60.Establishes a Program for Waste Reduction and Recyclables6/14/99In Force
61.Provides Practices and Procedures Under Act 50 of 1998, the Local Taxpayers Bill of Rights7/12/99In Force
62.Provides for Cooperative Agreements with other municipalities for purpose of joint bidding for Waste and Re-cyclable Materials Collection9/13/99In Force
63.Amendment to Ordinance No. 58 (Street numbering)1/4/00In Force
64.Amendment to Ordinance No. 5 (Wages, Profits, Commission Tax)7/10/00In Force
65.Provides for Rules and Regulations For Possession and Use of Alarm Systems and Penalties for Violations Thereof11/13/00In Force
66.Intergovernmental Cooperation for Police Service by Carroll Twp.7/9/01In Force
67.Amendment to Ordinance No. 45 (Zone - #80)6/11/05In Force

Amendment to Ordinance No. 46 (S/D current #79)

7/9/01In Force
69.Amendment to Ordinance No. 36 (Mobile Homes/Parks)7/9/01In Force
70.Provides Rules and Regulations For Road and Driveway Permits, Remedies and Penalties for Violations thereof7/9/01In Force
71.Provides for Building Permit Requirements, fee structure, etc., Remedies and Penalties for Violations thereof7/9/01In Force
72.Amendment to Ordinance No. 35(S/D Current #79)12/10/02In Force
73.Amendment to Ordinance No. 67(Zoning current Ord #80)11/10/03In Force
74.Amendment to Ordinance No. 72 (S/D Ord Current # 79)11/10/03In Force
75.Amendment to Ordinance No. 70(Rd/Driveway Permit)11/10/03In Force
76.UCC Building Ordinance6/14/04In Force
77.Amendment to Ordinance No. 37(Stormwater Ord)11/8/04In Force
78.Driveway Ordinance6/14/07In Force

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

6/14/07In Force

Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance

6/14/07In Force
81.Verizon10/29/09In force (Not on line)
82.Floodplain Management Ordinance


In force


Stormwater Management Ordinance


In force

84.Holding Tank Ordinance11/9/09In force (Not on line)
85.Zoning Ordinance7/12/10

In force

86.Comcast Cable Franchise11/8/10In force (Not on line)
87.Penn Waste Ordinance11/8/10In force (Not on line)
88.Tax Collection11/14/11

In force

89.Barking Dogs, Removal & Disposal of Dog Feces10/8/12

In force

90.Amending Ord. 85 Zoning Ord.


In force

91.Speed limit on portion of S. Wharf Road7/14/14

In force

92.Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Plan9/1/14

In force

93.Amending Ord. 92 Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Plan1/5/15

In force


Participation in PSATS unemployment


In force

95.Flood Plain Ord.12/14/15

In force


Chesapeake Bay Pollutant Reduction


In force

97.Zoning Ordinance Amendments9/10/18

In force


General Obligation Note


In force

99.Establishing Stormwater Management Fees12/9/19

In force

100.Authorizing Execution of a Cable Franchise Agreement Between the Township & Comcast of Southeast Pennsylvania10/12/20

In force

101.Parking Prohibitions12/14/20

In force

102.Authorizing Execution of a Cable Franchise Agreement Between the Township & Verizon Pennsylvania2/8/21

In force